Monday, August 28, 2006

Shaping Christian Character

What an excellent guest speaker we had at our church yesterday morning! His name is Roger Hillegas, and if you ever get the chance to hear him preach, I highly recommend it! He sprinkles his messages with just the right amount of knee-slapping humor and reality checks. He has a book coming out September 1st called Shaping Christian Character that will be available on and in bookstores across the nation. It's a slim book, only 125 pages, something the average person could surely get through in an afternoon. I bought two copies myself, one for my husband and I, and one as a gift for my father, and I'm looking forward to reading it tonight. Here's an excerpt from the preface:

"I am a preacher. When speaking to congregations I usually begin with the following disclaimer:
Over the last several years I have had multiple eye surgeries for glaucoma. They didn't go well. I have lost most of my vision. Most of you (actually, all of you) are just nebulous shadows. If you want to leave, feel free. I won't know the difference. Just don't laugh, I can't see my watch either...
It takes a while for that last one to sink in, but they usually get it."

He is a humble, open-hearted man of God, and I encourage anyone who would like to know more about God's love toward us, and how to become more Christ-like to pick up a copy once it becomes available. If it's anything at all like his message yesterday morning, I know it will bless you.

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