Monday, March 17, 2008

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, a poem.
One I wrote just over 12 years ago,
as a mere girl of 19.

That was the year I had a love-affair
with all things Irish.

Deep down, I think I still do.

Patrick’s Song

When the moon is full and the stars are bright,
She walks beside the sea,
Beside the blue-black sapphire sea
So far away from me.

While waves lift their snow-white crested heads
To dance upon the shore,
Upon the sandy, Irish shore
Until her footprints are no more.

She sits down on a stony reef
And looks out into the night.
The night is dark, but the moon aglow
Has bathed her face in light.

As she gazes down at a placid sea
Her image is mirrored there.
There is her smooth, white, silken skin
And red-gold satin hair.

Her pale lips, her violet eyes,
Deep as a thousand seas, . .
O capture the image of my long, lost love
And carry her back to me!

For ‘tis you, O sea, that lies between
And keeps us forever apart!
O carry her image back to me,
To the arms of my longing heart.

And when fades the night and the first hint of light
Touches Margaret beside the sea,
Set her to soar on the wings of the mourn’
And carry her back to me.

by Christiana R. (formerly B.)
February 19th, 1996