Friday, March 02, 2012

Hello? Is This Thing On?

So wow. Was my last post here really a year and a half ago? Hard to believe. Are any of my followers still signed up? I wouldn't wonder if they're not.

It's strange how life moves and grows and twists and turns and tumbles us about like laundry in a dryer. Misplacing some of us like the other sock. Or spiriting us away, if you believe in the sock fairy.

Ever feel like that? Like even though you're there in  your life, you're not really there in your life? Days bleed together and then weeks and months and before you know it, a year and a half has passed and you awake to find you've been checked out all this time? That somewhere along the way, you've lost your voice? Your platform? Your say-so?

Not that life hasn't been busy. Most likely, it's because it's been so busy that other things, things like this blog, for example, have fallen by the wayside. But I never forgot. Somewhere in the back of my mind, like the faded remembrance of a dream you once had, I knew this place was still here. Sitting quiet and still and patient, waiting for the day I'd need it again. Waiting for the day I'd find my voice.

So here I am. Ready to speak up and speak out about the one word that still most accurately describes who I am at my very core: WRITER.

If you've got a voice, I'd love to hear from you. If you're still searching for yours, like that missing sock, you're welcome to borrow mine until you find it. We'll make a colorful mismatched pair together.