Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Procrastination Station

Are you a procrastinator?
I know I am.
Why do today what you can
put off until tomorrow, right?
But while I'll readily admit
that I am the queen of procrastinators,
I'll also admit that living
like that is no fun.
Procrastinating is like walking around with a dragon constantly breathing down your neck. Whatever it is that we're avoiding doing, we can't get it off our minds. We can't really put our full efforts into anything else either, in the meantime, because we're using all
(or most) of our energies pushing those nagging thoughts back that tell us to go do what we really should be doing.
Especially when it comes to writing.
"Come on, what's the big deal?" you say, "All writers procrastinate."
That may be true. Robert Masello, author of Roberts Rules of Writing: 101 unconventional lessons every writer needs to know, says "Both successful writers and unsuccessful writers procrastinate -- but there is one big difference. Successful writers get over it."
"But I enjoy procrastinating," you say, "When I finally do sit down to write, that's when I do some of my best stuff."
No you don't, and no it's not. Trust me.
And if you don't trust me, trust Robert.
According to him, "Procrastination doesn't make the task any sweeter or better, it just drags the whole thing out. Every day you delay makes the work look more formidable, and every day you chip away at it, even with only a few paragraphs, makes it look that much more managable."
I don't know about you, but that's one quote that's going on a post-it above my workspace.
So, stop procrastinating and get back to work already!
Chip, chip, chip!

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