Monday, June 25, 2007

A True Artist

I picked up the latest issue of Stringing Magazine last week. I love this magazine, because it offers not only great technique, but a wide array of visually stimulating wearable art. And as it only comes out 4 times a year, it's a rare treat for jewelry artists like myself.

So, as I'm flipping through the magazine for probably the fifth or sixth time (each time you look, you notice some detail you passed over before) I realize that there are three designs in particular that have really captivated my attention on each perusal. All three unique and different, which is why I was quite surprised to read that they were all done by the same artist, and a man at that, one Mister Andrew Thornton.

The designs are as follows: The Raven Queen, a dark and stunning combination of black Rutilated Quartz and Lava that I will file away in my mental rolodex for my own future designs, Flight Patterns, an artistic blend of peacock pearls, garnet, watermelon tourmaline and copper chain that showcases a darling bird bead and toggle clasp, and last but not least, The Lotus Eaters, which features glowing chalcedony and pineapple quartz, mixed with sterling silver, all centered around a gorgeous green-blue ceramic pendant.

These three designs alone would have sold me on the magazine, but as it is, the pages are packed with many other lovely, original designs, though perhaps not quite as original as those of Mr. Andrew Thornton. I discovered that he has his own Blogspot, by the way. It's in case you're interested in checking it out.

Well, Mr. Andrew Thornton, you've inspired me. Inspired me to branch out of my own comfort zone, to say "the heck!" with symmetry and perfectionism, and to begin to design from the heart, from the soul. To just let go and let come what may. To be inspired and to inspire.

Maybe one day you'll find a design of my own gracing the pages of this fine magazine. ;)

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Andrew Thornton said...

Hey Christina! Thanks so much for all your flattering words. Keep a look out for the next issue of Stringing. I've got a few pieces in there as well.

The reason that I like Stringing is that it really focuses on the voice and range of the artist. I've been asked to do tons of design and magazine work for other publications and although it is nice for them to consider me, I don't necessarily think that all jewelry and beading magazines are created equally, and therefore will only work with the ones that I know to be good, solid publications. It's almost as important as making the work.

Thanks again for all your kind words. Keep it up and LISTEN to your own voice and let it guide you as surely as the wind fills the sails and carries the vessel of your imagination.