Thursday, October 05, 2006

Professions for Characters

Well, I didn't end up getting that writing program for my birthday after all. My husband talked me into waiting until Christmas. The truth is, since I started making jewelry, I just haven't had a second of free time for writing. I'm spending all my extra time getting ready for a craft show I'll be selling at mid-November. In a way, I know he's right. It would be tortourous for me to see that disc on my shelf and not have hours of free time to explore it and try it out.

But surprisingly, this venture has helped my writing! Research is found in the everyday life, as they say (and if someone hasn't said it, let me be the first!). Since I started making jewelry, I have found myself throw into such a delightful, interesting world full of characters just waiting to be written about! The ladies I've come across are such open, friendly, helpful women of all ages and walks of life. And yet, this one hobby has given us something in common that bridges all gaps and breaks down all walls. Eager to talk, eager to share, eager to instruct, and eager to learn, I can definitely see a novel centered around this business working it's way through my brain! I feel so lucky, because I always have such a difficult time finding professions for my characters that I know enough about to consider myself an authority on.

And don't get me started on Craft Shows! Now there's a whole story full of interesting characters in itself!

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