Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Intergalactic Bead Show

What a busy girl I've been lately! Last Saturday I had the great joy of attending my very first Bead Show! It was the 2006 Intergalactic Bead Show in Akron, OH. My husband and I had quite a drive to get there, but it was worth it, let me tell you! Such a beautiful array of semi-precious, glass, porcelain, wood and many other types of beads! I can't remember when I've had more fun. My long-suffering husband lasted just about 20 minutes before heading back to the car to take a nap, but he assured me that I could take as long as I liked, and I took him at his word!

I had given myself $60 to spend, and I left with just pocket change. I could have spent tons more (a lady beside me spent $400 at one booth!) but as a beginner, I knew that setting a limit for myself (and leaving my purse in the car) would keep me from going overboard. Among those that returned home with me were these lovely Agate semi-precious stones which I formed into a gorgeous bracelet, if I do say so myself. My most favorite item that I picked up was a beautiful baby mermaid pendant that I had seen in a magazine and searched all over the internet for to no avail. I saw it at a corner both, and though it deeply cut into my spending money at $15, I just had to have it! I bought some deep red coral and blue turquoise that I'm going to use with it to make myself a birthday necklace. :)

The jewelry business is going well, but I haven't had a second for writing lately. I suspect that after Christmas time I'll see a lull in orders and have time for my other great passion, the written word!

Until next time!

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