Monday, October 26, 2009

Tip To Try

If you have an over-packed schedule and your life is dictated by the scribbles on your calendar, then pen-in your writing time. Even if you can only manage a half hour per day, you’ll see a dramatic increase in your output. Squeezing writing time into your breaks and lunches at work can also help increase your daily word count. A ten-minute writing binge could mean a huge breakthrough in your plot or that witty line of dialogue you’ve been grasping for. Because some of our best writing ideas come when we’re involved in other activities, mini writing breaks scattered throughout the day can move your project along in small but significant steps.

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Arianna said...

One thing I've learned is that you don't always get a 'perfect' week for writing. Actually, I'm not sure if I've even had one before! So if you're serious about writing, it's definitely important to pencil writing time in and work with your schedule! Thanks for the tip! :) I'm going to try and discipline myself in writing more, so this should help.

I usually write in 10 minute stretches, either because it's the only time I have, or I want to give my eyes and hands a quick break; sitting for so long can't be too healthy! ;)