Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Working Girl

I got a job! I can't believe it! After more than 5 years away from the work-force, I am now back in the swing!
It was just a fluke that I happened to stop at our local Michael's Craft Store on a day that they were having a job fair for craft instructors. On my way out the door, I just happened to see the sign, and saved the number on my cell. I called the next day and got an appointment and after a couple weeks of minor mixups (they lost my background check) they finally called me in and asked me to fill out payroll information! So you are looking at the new Jewelry Instructor for Michael's!
What's great, is that this won't interfere with being a SAHM at all. I only need to teach 2-3 projects a month, and if I offer a morning and an evening class, that's still only 6 classes a month I have to teach. The evenings are great, because my husband will be home from work, and I can make arrangements for the morning classes as well. Come fall, my oldest two boys will be in school, so that only leaves my little one who would be in need of a sitter those mornings, and it's just for 2 hours. It shouldn't be a problem.
Anyway, I'm really excited and nervous at the same time! I've taught Bible Studies and Women's Meetings in the past, but never something like this where I have to actually make sure they walk away with a completed project that they can be proud of! I have to use Michael's products exclusively, so it might be a little hard to come up with new ideas and techniques to teach, but I'm going to do my best!
It's going to be nice to get to spend some time with other adults for a change!


Isabel & Sauveur said...

hello of france
good blog and thank you for reading
I will often come back
thank you and good day

angela said...

Love your blog. I'm going to check out etsy.com. Apart from being an aspiring writer, I'm also an aspiring crafter.